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Training services available from Firestorm

Bob Swart, President of Firestorm Enterprises Ltd,  is a recognized instructor for British Columbia's:

*BC Wildfire Service
*Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC)

SInce 2004, then Bob has been part of the development, implementation & delivery of the accredited S115: Structure Protection & Site Preparation Workshop now called SPP-115 Structure Protection. Bob continues to be one of three chosen instructors for the Structure Protection Program in British Columbia.

Firestorm additionally performs fire training to Fire Departments, First Nations Communities, Logging Operations and the General Public interested in wildland firefighting.

Key instructors also include specific certified First Nation trainers who work and live within First Nation Communities. This provides a closer level of learning, comprehension and internal support to students.

Firestorm is accredited to instruct the following courses:

*S-100: Basic Fire Suppression & Safety
*S-100A Annual Refresher for S-100 Course
*S-185: Fire Entrapment Avoidance
*S-212: Fireline Communications / restricted Radio Operatos License
*S-215: Fire Operations in the Wildland Urban Interface
*S-230: Crew Boss / Single Resource Supervisor
*S-232: Pumps & Water Delivery
*S-235: Burn Off & Backfiring
*S-241: Fire Assessment

*SPP-115: Structure Protection
*SPP-WFF Wildland Firefigther Level 1
(Replaces S-100 Basic Fire Suppression & Safety and S-185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance for structure firefighters only. The SPP-WFF 1 (or the S-100) is a prerequisite for all structure firefighters to participate on Structure Protection Crews as deployed provincially by the OFC.)
*S-215: Fire Operations in the Wildland Urban Interface
*S-315: Advanced Interface Operations (April 2009 release)
*ICS100: Incident Command
*ICS200: Incident Command
*F-CFP100: Community FireSmart Presentation (Principles & Fundamentals)

*F-PSO: Work Safe BC - Power Saw Operators
*F-DTA: Wildlife Danger Tree Assessors - Wildland Fire Safety module

*F-100: Sprinkler Operations
*F-110: Mark 3 Fire Pump Proficiency - Operations Workshop (2 days)
*F-120: Class "A" Foam School & Burn

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