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At Firestorm our services include....

Firestorm Enterprises Ltd.  is devoted to protecting structures from wildfire. We also offer a wide variety of services relating to wildfire management, knowledge, and training. We also manufacture sprinkler kits and trailers which help people protect their homes and property from wildfire.

Prescribed Fire

Firestorm team prescribed fire

Prescribed fire is an intentionally ignited and controlled burn. Prescribed burning benefits natural resources and reduces the risk of unwanted wildfires. It also helps to control and minimize wildfire damage.  Firestorm’s trained and certified team members provide a variety of prescribed fire services.

Structure Protection

Structure Protection

Firestorm helps communities create a defensible space to protect homes, properties, and infrastructure from wildfire with their Structure Protection services. Specially trained Structure Protection crews utilize the latest SPU Equipment and knowledge to defend structures against the threat of wildfire.

Wildland Firefighting

Wildland Fire Fighting Service

Firestorm assembles large crews of expertly trained wildland firefighters to combat wildfires. If there is a wildland fire emergency Firestorm can dispatch crews to help. Many of our crew members have previously worked for the BC forest services. Firestorm has operational crew bases throughout the province.

Equipment Rentals

Fire Suppresion tools for rent

Firestorm is proud to offer equipment rentals for short term use. Firestorm has a large inventory of available equipment to assist you and meet your needs. Whether you need a Sprinkler Trailer or Burn Torch, we have the equipment for you.


Training service from Firestorm

Bob Swart, President of Firestorm Enterprises, is a recognized instructor for British Columbia’s Wildfire Management Branch and Office of the Fire Commissioner. Since 2004 Bob has been involved in developing and implementing Structure Protection workshops. He is one of the three chosen instructors for the structure protection program in BC. Firestorm additionally performs fire training to Fire Departments, First Nations Communities, Logging Operations and the General Public interested in wildland firefighting.

Proudly deploying Sprinkler Trailers and Kits

We proudly use and deploy SPIEDR sprinkler trailers and kits. They are custom designed trailer units that provide protection from wildfire and they can be towed anywhere by a full sized pick-up truck. They are mobile structure protection units, built to protect homes, buildings, and other structures from the threat of wildfire. They are specially designed to be utilized in wildland fire emergencies and come loaded with an inventory of sprinkler equipment that can be deployed to wherever it’s most needed. SPIEDR sprinkler trailers create a defensible barrier around structures to protect them from the destructive forces of fire.

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