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Firestorm is proud to offer the following Prescribed Fire services

A Prescribed Fire is any fire intentionally ignited by management actions in accordance with applicable laws, policies, and regulations to meet specific objectives. Firestorm provides the following Prescribed Fire services regarding fuel management.

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Prescribed Fire Service Helicopter
Prescribed Fire Service Helicopter
  • Certified Burn Boss
    is the person with ultimate authority and responsibility in conducting a prescribed burn from ignition through mop up. Firestorm has Type 1, 2, and 3 Certified Burn Bosses 
  • Certified Fire Crews
    Trained and certified personnel to conduct the prescribed burn and be directed by the burn boss.
  • Burn Plans
    A plan for each prescribed fire, prepared by Firestorm’s qualified personnel. Firestorm will outline the criteria for the conditions under which the fire will be conducted.
  • Weather Monitoring
    Good burning conditions need to be determined to plan a successful prescribed burn.
  • Guard Construction
    Includes geographic subdivision of a fire-protected area, determining the initial attack bounds of a single fire guard or fire crew.
  • Block Prep
    A detailed prescription for treating a specified burning block with fire.
  • Blacklining
    Pre-burning of fuels adjacent to a control line before igniting a prescribed burn.
  • Sprinkler Guarding
  • Ignition and Mop Up
    Firestorm Ignition teams monitor the ignition of the prescribed burn. Mop up includes extinguishing or removing burning material near control lines, etc.
  • Holding teams
    Holding teams conduct and supervise all actions taken to stop the spread of fire.
  • Heli Torch Mixing crews
    Work with an aerial ignition device hung from or mounted on a helicopter to disperse ignited lumps of gelled gasoline. Used for backfires, burnouts, or prescribed burns.

Pile burning is burning piles of woody debris or slash in an effort of reducing hazardous fuels. These piles are made from the slash left after mechanical thinning or cutting of trees in the forest. Firestorm is proud to offer Pile Burning services. This includes Firestorm's Hand Ignition crews who are organized and trained to conduct Pile burns. We also provide or use a Buck Master 45-gallon torch w/trailer for ATV quad.

Forest Fire Expanding

Prescribed burning helps to remove mature pine trees that are a potential beetle habitat and set the stage for regrowth.  Prescribed burning for Mountain Pine Beetle helps to reduce mountain pine beetle populations, restore wildlife habitat, and reduces the threat of wildfires.  Firestorm offers the following Mountain Pine Beetle services: Fall & Burn, Phermone Treatment, and Bait & Trap.  Contact Firestorm today to learn more about Prescribed Burning services for Mountain Pine Beetle infestations.

Forest Fire Expanding Faster

Fuel modification is the manipulation or removal of combustible vegetation or fuels in order to reduce the likelihood of ignition or to lessen potential damage.  Firestorm offers to following fuel modification services:

Site Assessment & Evaluation
Reductionb of Crown Enclosure
Removal of Ground Fuels
Pruning / Thinning
Creating Defendable Space
Fuel Break Construction
We implement the following procedures:
•Understorey Burning
•Hand / Machine Pile & Burn
•Ecologically-based Prescribed Burn Planning & Implementation
• Fire Effects Monitoring & Reporting
• Habitat Enhancement Burns
• Prescribed Fire for First Nation Traditional Values

Pine cone burning

Firestorm is proud to offer First Nations training, mentoring and development in order to enhance the traditional uses of fire. Firestorm initiates and promotes the returning of traditional burning practices to those areas in which First Nations co-exist with Land, Spirit and Nature. Examples which overall: "bring the land alive again" are :

  • Increasing berry crops
  • Habitat restoration
  • Promote new grass which attracts game
  • Create / clear navigational routes
  • Clear land of spiritual pollution after a death
  • Create firebreaks

Other Services

Structure Protection

Structured Protection

Firestorm helps communities create a defensible space to protect homes, properties, and infrastructure from wildfire with their Structure Protection services. Specially trained Structure Protection crews utilize the latest SPU Equipment and knowledge to defend structures against the threat of wildfire.

Wildland Fire Fighting Service

Wildland Firefighting

Firestorm assembles large crews of expertly trained wildland firefighters to combat wildfires. If there is a wildland fire emergency Firestorm can dispatch crews to help. Many of our crew members have previously worked for the BC forest services. Firestorm has operational crew bases throughout the province.

Fire Suppresion tools for rent

Equipment Rentals

Firestorm is proud to offer equipment rentals for short term use. Firestorm has a large inventory of available equipment to assist you and meet your needs. Whether you need a Sprinkler Trailer or Burn Torch, we have the equipment for you.

The Firestorm Guarantee


If you need help with Prescribed Fire services or would like more information on Prescribed Burning please do not hesitate to contact the experts at Firestorm Enterprises Ltd.