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Below are proud examples of company credibility & crew performance. The following are a few examples of comments from Fire Manager's crew evaluations prior to release from incident...

Brian Kempf (Type 1 Incicdent Commander), Ministry of Forests:

"This is to confirm that Bob Swart and his crew from Firestorm Enterprises Ltd. worked on the Lonesome Lake Fire (#C50125) in 2004. They were a Structure Protection Unit (SPU) contracted to the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

We found Bob and the crew to be very professional and they fulfilled all job requirements well. Structures along the Charlotte Lake Chain and Crazy Bear Lake survived as a direct result of their work. In my capacity as Incident Commander I had daily contact with Bob and always found that to be a positive experience.

The Firestorm crew eventually worked in conjunction with another SPU contractor, Quintech Fire, and provided mentoring and great support for them. Bob went out of his way to ensure the group worked as a team and that there were no issues.

Bob was a willing participant in the daily operations meetings and always offered meaningful input and ideas. In my opinion he has potential to be a full time Structure Branch Director.

I look forward to any future opportunity to work with Bob Swart and the Firestorm Group."

Ted Bochan (Structure Branch Director), Office of the Fire Commissioner - British Columbia:

"Bob has worked on several projects under my supervision while working for the Office of the Fire Commissioner in British Columbia.

His knowledge of firefighting equipment and fireline operations provided excellent quality work at all times"

Fire Chief Rene Blanleil (Kelowna Fire Department):

"Bob Swart was sent as a structure protection resource to the Kelowna Fire Department during the 2003 Firestorm. He quickly demonstrated and shared his experience in past events - to aid and enable us in deployment of structural firefighting crews for suppression and structure protection during the Firestorm event.

He was also beneficial in assisting with a proactive public education and FireSmart awareness programs in neighbourhoods, in the weeks that followed this event.

We found Bob to be a valuable resource during our event"


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