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Firestorm Enterprises Ltd. Employment Application

10 Crew Bases Province Wide

Training Records – Provide clear scanned copies of wallet card/diplomas

The minimum certifications required to fire fight in BC is S100 & S185

  • S100A – Annual Recertification (Fire Suppression & Safety): YesNo
  • Upload S100A Annual Recertification:
  • S100 Basic Fire Suppression and Safety: YesNo
  • Upload S100 Basic Fire Suppression and Safety Certification:

  • S185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance & Safety: YesNo
  • Upload S185 Fire Entrapment Avoidance & Safety Certification:

  • S212 Fireline Communications: YesNo
  • Upload S212 Fireline Communications Certification:

  • S230 Crew Boss Training Single Resource Leader: YesNo
  • Upload S230 Crew Boss Certification:

  • S232 Pumps and Water Delivery: YesNo
  • Upload S232 Pumps and Water Delivery Certification:

  • S235 Iginition Operations (Burn Off and Backfiring): YesNo
  • Upload S235 Ignition Operations Certification:

  • S241 Fire Assessment: YesNo
  • Upload S241 Fire Assessment Certification :

  • I-100 (Incident Command Systems ICS-100): YesNo
  • Upload ICS-100 Incident Command Systems Certification:

  • I-200 (Incident Command Systems ICS-200): YesNo
  • Upload ICS-200 Incident Command Systems Certification:

  • I-300 (Incident Command Systems ICS-300): YesNo
  • Upload ICS-300 Incident Command Systems Certification:

  • I-400 (Incident Command Systems ICS-400): YesNo
  • Upload ICS-400 Incident Command Systems Certification:

  • WorkSafe Occupational First Aid Level 1 with OFA Transportation Endorsement or Level 3 OFA Certificate: Level 1 with TransportLevel 3
  • Upload BC First Aid Certification:
  • Upload transport endorsement Certification:

    Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor Certificate Must Be Wildland Fire Safety Module Only:
  • Upload Wildlife Danger Assessor Certification:

  • Basic Chainsaw Operator as per WorkSafeBC (PSO): YesNo
  • Upload Basic Chainsaw Operator Certification:

    Faller Certification – BC Faller Training Standard (BCFTS):
  • Upload BC Faller Training Standard Certification:

  • Workplace Hazardous Material Information System – (WHMIS): YesNo
  • Upload WHMIS Certification:

  • Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG): YesNo
  • Upload TDG Certification:

  • Firefighting Technology Certificate (NFPA 1001 – Level 1 and Level 2 Basic Firefighting Certificate: YesNo
  • Upload Firefighting Technology Certification:

  • OFC-115 – Structure Protection (Structure and Site Preparation S115): YesNo
  • Upload OFC-115 - Structure Protection Certification:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Training H2S Certified: YesNo
  • Upload H2S Certified Certification:

  • Valid Licensed Driver: YesNo
  • Upload Driver’s License (both front and back):


Fire Experience - Required if your previous experience was not working with Firestorm.

Related Experience

Are you physically fit? YesNo
Physical Fitness Test - All personnel must meet the moderate category fitness standard, walk 3.22 kilometres carrying 25 lbs (11.34 kilograms) within 30 minutes.

GPS Knowledge YesNo

Chainsaw Experience YesNo

Helicopter Experience YesNo

Outdoor/Camp Experience YesNo

Related Experience YesNo

Trailer Towing Experience YesNo

Hand Tool Experience YesNo

  • Heavy Equipment/Water Tender Operator YesNo

  • Supervisory/Management YesNo
  • # of people you were responsible for
  • Supervisory/Management Courses Upload Certification:

  • Do you have your own transportation to meet at a marshalling point?: YesNo

  • Do you have a 4x4 vehicle? YesNo

PPE and Fire Gear

  • Fire Certifications (must accompany you on fireline at all times)
  • Nomex shirt select size SMLX-LXX-LXXX-L
  • Nomex pant select waist size: 283032343638404244
    Select Leg Length: 303234tall
  • Firestorm Crews have standardized to wear Orange Nomex Shirts and Blue Nomex pants

**As Per Section 2.27 of the BC Wildfire Service Standing Offer for Wildland Fire Fighters regarding clothing:

  • Flame resistant clothing that meets CAN/CGSB 155.22-2014 or NFPA 1977 standards. Clothing must have tags proving they meet one of these standards and this may be checked during initial or onsite inspections.

Note: Contract crews’ flame resistant clothing may be in any colour other than red. If contract crews show up with red flame resistant clothing, they will be sent home without compensation.

Footwear appropriate for the work conditions; meeting CSA standards and displaying the appropriate label;

  • Belt
  • Leather gloves
  • 6 point Hard hat with screen, ear muffs & chin strap for working around helicopters.
  • Safety glasses/goggles (for working around helicopters)
  • Hi Visibility Vest (for working around heavy equipment)
  • One 4” compress dressing
  • Whistle
  • Fireline Day pack (to carry food, water, fire equipment, sunscreen, bug spray, toilet paper, rain jacket)
  • Rain gear
  • Overnight Gear to Include: Tent, Sleeping bag, Pillow, Sleeping foam
  • Pocket Notebook & Pen
  • Gear bag/duffle bag, no suitcases to hold your gear for up to 17 days

Creature Comforts

  • Clothing required for up to two weeks (warm socks and wooly as you could be working at high elevation which can be cold at night; camp clothing, sleeping clothing)
  • Toiletries & Towel
  • Contacts/glasses/sunglasses
  • Ear plugs, any prescription medications such as an EpiPen and or allergy medication, sunscreen, insect repellent, flashlight, shower shoes, mole skin (for feet blisters this is a must if you have new boots)
  • Leatherman pocket tool
  • Cell phone/truck lighter cell phone charger/cell minute cards
  • Extra socks
  • Garbage bags/plastic bags to keep stuff dry or laundry separate.

Personal Payroll Information

  • Banking information; a Void cheque or your institution number, transit number and account number (all listed on a void cheque).
  • Upload Blank Cheque:

Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?

  • Are you available for Fire Deployments? YesNo

  • Are you available for Standby?: YesNo

Upload your resume:

ARE YOU Fire Ready?YesNo
Have you submitted all your training records? YesNo
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